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Resources for Nursing: Summon: The Web Discovery Tool

This guide will lead you to resources that help your study and research in the field of Nursing and Midwifery. There are also a range of learning tools that will allow you to develop your research and study skills.

What is being searched?

Starting your research in Summon is great because materials from throughout the library are being searched from the single search box.

A search on Hand Washing Procedures will retrieve items that contain all three words in the citation and/or in the full text of the item.

Running a Search

Searching is as easy as Search - Refine - Get...

  • Search:  enter your search terms
  • Refine:  use the filters and facets on the left side of your search results.
  • Get:  click on an item to access it

Refining your search to get the best material for your research can also be done by adding more keywords to your search. 

Just like searching the open web, you can indicate a phrase by putting quotation marks around the words.  The query "Hand washing" will find results with that phrase.

Summon: The Web Discovery Tool

Search Summon for articles, books & more

Web Discovery Tool Tutorial

Refine Searches

  • Refine search resullts- limit to full text, Peer reviewed
  • Narrow by content type to find only articles, books or  reports
  • Filter by Subject Terms if you are looking for a particular term
  • Exclude newspaper articles - if not looking for newspaper articles

Summon Refine Search Options     

What is Peer Reviewed or Refeered Journals?

Peer Reviewed Journal is a special type of publication. Before articles are published within these types of journals, they are sent  to other scholars in the field ("peers"), often anonymously, to get feedback on the quality of the scholarship, review research methods, as well as relevance or importance to the field. The article may be accepted, often with revisions suggested, or rejected for publication.