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Author Profiles: ResearcherID

What is Researcher ID?

This is a feature on Web of Science. It allows an author to set up a unique personal identifier which can be linked with their publications within Web of Science, regardless of any variations in the use of their name and regardless of their affiliation when a particular paper was published.


  • Used by Thomson Reuters only.
  • Based on a limited number of publications.

How to Create Researcher ID


You can register directly via ResearcherID or via Web of Science. Registration enables you to create a public profile of all publications, citations and collaborations, which can also integrate with Web of Science and Endnote Online. Make sure however to keep your ResearchID profile up to date as (unlike Scopus) this is not an automated process.

For creating ResearcherID: log in to Web of Science via library portal or ResearcherID website

Add Publications to ResearcherID Profile

The easiest way to add publications to your Researcher ID profile is to search Web of Science by Author, select your articles and add to your ResearcherID.

This way you may ensure that all of your works are correctly attributed to you.