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Citation Analysis Guide: What is Citation Analysis

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What is Citation analysis?

Research output, impact of research and winning funding for research is a major goal for universities. Citation analysis is one of the traditional methods of assessing the quality of the research output. Citations are regarded as one of the most important indicators of research impact. Citation analysis involves citation tracking which allows us to see how many times a paper has been cited. If we search backwards and forwards in time we will see how a topic or idea has developed. It also helps us to identify key researchers or institutions contributing to building a knowledge base. Citation tracking can also involve looking at the connections between different authors and journals and at pattens in citation and publication over time.

It is assumed that an article of high academic quality will be cited more than those of lesser quality.

The major tools to identify value of a work are:

1. Citation reports

2. Journal ranking

3. h-index

4. accredited list of journals

Article: Comparison of PUBMED, Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar