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Find a Seat: Welcome


Welcome to the new 'Find a Seat' service.

This online service allows registered members to reserve rooms for study in the Library.

How can you reserve a study room?

Library study rooms are available to students seeking space for collaborative study.

Red Zone and Green Zone:

Users can book study rooms for up to 2 hours in the two Zones.

How to make a booking:

  • Log on to 'Find a seat service' and make a booking.
  • You must use your RCSI Bahrain email id to make a booking.
  • Plan your booking in advance as this will allow time for confirmation.
  • Minimum of 2 people per room. Maximum capacity noted for each room.
  • You must bring your confirmation email and your ID when using the Library.
  • Library staff will check your ID, and a note will be made of your occupied room.
  • Scan the QR code at the door before occupying the room and scan it when you have finished.
  • Leave your ID card on your desk for staff to check.
  • You must release the space for others to occupy after your time runs out.
  • You can make only one reservation a day. Multiple bookings cannot be made by a single user.
  • Attempts to monopolize study rooms will be considered a breach of the Library's Code of Conduct.
  • Rooms not occupied within 30 minutes of booking time become available for others to use.
  • If a booking is no longer needed, it should be canceled so the room can be released for others to book.
  • You must follow library policies and health and safety regulations while in the library area.

Reminder: The library is a quiet learning environment, and all users must be mindful of other learners. Library furniture has been situated to provide the best possible seating for students. Please do not move chairs or tables.

Reserve a seat

1) Click the link to access the room reservation system.

2) Choose the  Zone in which you'd like to make a reservation: Green or Red

3) Choose the category/type of space you need.

3) Click the blue "Info" button to get more information on the type of seat.

4)  To reserve a room, click on the start time you require. Green spaces indicate vacancy, and Red spaces indicate that the space is occupied. 

5) Your selected time will appear at the bottom of the grid with a default end time of two hours later. Use the drop-down menu to change the end time to an earlier time. Two hours is the maximum reservation time. Your selected time shows in the grid in yellow.

6) Click "Submit Times."

7) On the "Booking Details" page, click "Continue" to accept the library reservation policies.

8) On the next page,  click "Submit my Booking."

9) A confirmation screen will appear and you will receive an email with the same information. Once your reservation is approved, you will receive an email with a three-digit code. The three-digit code is required to check into your seat or scan the QR code attached to the seat to check in. 

Upon Arrival

When you are in your reserved room- scan the QR code or use the 3-digit code to check-in. QR codes are posted on the doors of each room.

When you are ready to leave, you must scan again to check out of your seat.

Safety Measures

  • Cleaning will be carried out prior to opening and cleaning of touchpoints will  be carried out during the day.
    • You will find hand sanitizer as well as sanitizing spray and cloths for you to clean your study desk, computer, keyboard, and mouse prior to or after use.
  • Library furniture has been situated to provide the best possible seating for students. Please do not move chairs or tables.
  • You cannot occupy a seat that is marked unavailable.
  • Reference books will not be available due to Covid 19 concerns
  • ‘One-Way’  systems are put in place so please follow the directional signage.
  • Users must follow university guidelines regarding access to and safety on campus

Seat booking guidelines

  • Study seat reservations and access to the library is limited to students, faculty, and staff who are authorized to be on campus .  

  • Due to social distancing guidelines, only single seat reservations are available. No group space can be reserved in the library. 

  • Spaces are available for groups who have timetabled hours and for those on campus.

  • Reservations may be placed up to two weeks in advance.
  • Reservations can only be for two hours each day.
  • Masks must be worn in the library at all times, covering your mouth and nose.