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Learning Resources for Medicine: Search Databases: MEDLINE

This guide will lead you to resources that help your study and research in the field of Medicine. There are also a range of learning tools that will allow you to develop your research and study skills.

Why should I use articles?

  • Articles are a great source of highly specific information for your research.
  • Articles can provide the most recent information available.
  • Articles are an excellent source of historical information.
  • Articles are available from many different types of publications: scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, chapters in books, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journals, etc.

Search Databases: MEDLINE


CINAHL Search Tutorial from EBSCO

Search with subject headings whenever possible

Using MEDLINE MESH (Medline Subject Headings) will allow you to narrow your search using specialized terms that MATCH your database and discipline.

Each database can have its own specialized vocabulary and subject heardings.

The MESH, Thesaurus or  Subject searches from the top of the Advanced Search Interface will allow you to find these specialzed terms before you search.