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Welcome to library support guide for Nursing

Objectives of This Guide


  • This guide outlines essential information sources from the library.
  • It demonstrates how to develop a search strategy.
  • It shows you how to access articles and books on the Elibrary portal.
  • It provides a clear guide to advance searching to find full-text to improve search results and to choose appropriate information sources.

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How to use search terms?

Recommended Subject Terms

Subject headings are the preferred search terms for searching the online catalog and article databases.

Here is a basic list to get you started.

  • nurses
  • nursing
  • nurse and patient
  • pediatric nursing
  • maternity nursing
  • community health nursing
  • nursing ethics
  • cancer -- nursing
  • evidence-based nursing
  • nursing -- social aspects

What is Nursing?

Finding books in the library collection



How are books organized?

Call numbers are the combinations of letters and numbers that you find on the spine of a book. Each call number provides a unique "address" to help you locate items on the shelf.  

Here are some call numbers that apply to nursing topics:

  • 260 Social & ecclesiastical theology
    • 261 Social theology and interreligious relations and attitudes
  • 610 Medicine & health
    • 610 Medicine & health
    • 611 Human anatomy, cytology, histology
    • 612 Human physiology
    • 613 Personal health & safety
    • 614 Forensic medicine; incidence of injuries, wounds, disease; public preventive medicine
    • 615 Pharmacology and therapeutics
    • 616 Diseases
    • 617 Surgery, regional medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, otology, audiology
    • 618 Gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, geriatrics

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